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PureML is the AI governance platform for AI projects across your organization. Track, assess, report, and manage AI systems you build, buy, or use to ensure they are effective, compliant, and safe.

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The Problem

Rapid Acceleration of AI Adoption Amplifies Risk

AI brings changes and risks for organizations - security, rules, and compliance. Protecting AI systems and meeting regulations is a top priority for security, data science, and compliance teams, as well as executives.
Cornercase Inputs
Broken Data Pipelines
Biased Predictions
Adversarial Inputs
Unexpected Model Behavior
Distributional Shift

Control Center

A powerful holistic view of all AI governance activities with real-time alerts and complete visibility of project progress. Understand your organization's aggregate AI governance position at a glance.
reputational risk management policy

Model Inventory

Start risk management by cataloging AI models using our API. Assign owners and access audits easily.
reputational risk management policy

Trust Reporting

Generate internal reports and share your compliance publicly in your AI trust center.

Auto Generate Reports

Generate different reports for different stakeholders, so everyone is kept in the loop.

Vendor Risk Management

In development now. Request early access to be the first with access to vendor risk management.

reputational risk management policy

Comprehensive policy Frameworks

Best-in-class policy frameworks, designed by industry experts, ready to use from day one.

Ready to use


reputational risk management policy

Europe’s AI Act

The UK’s pro-innovation approach to regulating AI

Canada’s AI and Data Act

Industry specific frameworks, such as SR 11-7 and the PRA’s guidance on model risk

Add your own…

PureML is AI Risk management platform for everyone

Compliance, Risk, Legal, and Privacy Officers

  • Address regulatory demands for transparent reporting and disclosures
  • Establish a consistent framework for assessing and managing Responsible AI (RAI) practices organization-wide
  • Ensure compliance with internal and external mandates for large-scale AI applications, with guaranteed auditability of governance materials

AI Leaders & Data Science Teams

  • Take preemptive measures to minimize risks stemming from AI and ML systems falling short of governance standards.
  • Enhance the automation within the AI/ML development process to streamline governance procedures.
  • Effortlessly produce governance documents without incurring additional administrative burdens.

Business Leaders & AI Product Owners

  • Improve AI ROI through strong governance and risk mitigation.
  • Address customer expectations for AI transparency in sales interactions.
  • Protect generative AI projects from regulatory changes and risks, such as IP leakage and mishandling of personally identifiable information (PII).

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